The Maryland Development Center LLC is a partnership of physicians, engineers, and entrepreneurs working to improve healthcare. Our team combines diverse skills, knowledge and experience to generate solutions to medical problems and build devices and companies. The Partnership created the MDC Studio in Baltimore to house the engineering and business development teams to serve the region in creating and growing MedTech companies.
Gil Blankenship

Gil Blankenship PhD

Partner, Founder and Chairman Read Full Bio

Stephen Restaino PhD

Partner, Vice President of Engineering Read Full Bio

Amy Hizoune

Business Manager Read Full Bio

Nao Gamo PhD

Vice-President Business Development, Founder Neurosonics Read Full Bio

Jonathan Pearl MD

Partner, General Surgeon Read Full Bio

Rajabrata Sarkar MD PhD

Partner, Vascular Surgeon Read Full Bio

Steven Ludwig MD

Partner, Spine Surgeon Read Full Bio

Charles Sansur MD

Partner, Neurosurgeon Read Full Bio

Jeffrey S. Wolf, MD, FACS

Partner, Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Read Full Bio

Charlene Hafer-Macko MD

Partner, Neurologist Read Full Bio

Richard Macko MD

Partner, Neurologist Read Full Bio

Aldo Iacono MD

Partner, Interventional Pulmonologist Read Full Bio

Jeffrey Gair PhD

Lead Engineer, Founder Modular Matter Read Full Bio

Aryaman Gupta

Bioengineer Read Full Bio
Bailey Fokin

Bailey Fokin BS

Computer Engineer Read Full Bio