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Charles Sansur is a Partner in MDC and co-founder of MDC portfolio company, Advanced Surgical Design, Inc. Together with MDC Partner Steven Ludwig, he is the inventor of the Dura Patch Kit.

In addition to his responsibilities at MDC and ASD, Dr. Sansur is the director of Spine Surgery for the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Maryland. In this role, Dr. Sansur sees a large volume of patients with spinal deformity, degenerative disease, spinal oncology and spine trauma. He frequently performs surgeries that cannot be performed in the community hospital setting. Nationally recognized as an expert in spine surgery, he is regularly am asked to speak at well spine society meetings, including the American Association of Neurological Surgery, The Congress of Neurological Surgeons, and the ONESpine meetings at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute. Dr. Sansur received his training at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Duke University, the University of Virginia, and Auckland City Hospital.

A video of Dr. Sansur talking with a patient is here.

Dr. Sansur's Profile at the UMMC.

Highlighted Publications

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